Alex Teseira  —  5 June 2020

The Beaux Clinic features:

 Dr. Marcela Maia

Dentist, graduated from the Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health and Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry (Dentistry) at the Bahia Center for Dental Studies (CEBEO), in Salvador-BA. Operates in the areas of: Prosthesis, General Practice and Prevention, at the Beaux clinic! For Dr. Marcela Maia, a beautiful smile is worth a thousand words! If you are looking for a perfect smile, she is the professional expert on this subject!


Alex Teseira  —  6 June 2020

The Beaux Clinic

 which already had a highly specialized team in the areas of Dermatology and Dentistry, is now even more complete, with a team of professionals with extensive know-how in the following specialties: Plastic Surgery - Surgical interventions and procedures that aim to improve the appearance and functionality of the human body, aiming at the patient's well-being and increased self-esteem. Nutrition - Area responsible for monitoring patients' eating habits, aiming at maintaining beauty, health and well-being. Nutrology - Specialty of Medicine responsible for studying and evaluating the influence of nutrients on the human body, in order to prevent and treat various diseases. Endocrinology - Medical area that studies the endocrine system and physiological secretions, aiming to improve the functioning of the organism as a whole. Psychology - Taking care of the body and mind is fundamental. Psychology is the specialty that seeks understanding and solutions to mental processes and human behavior. Angiology - Diagnosis and treatment of vascular disorders, such as varicose veins and apparent spider veins. Advanced Aesthetics - Advanced techniques and technologies to enhance the beauty of the body and face.